IMPORTANT: Message from the 55+ Golden Airs.

Updated: 1 day ago

It is with sadness that I need to announce, that after our meeting, the Golden Airs have decided to disband. This choir has been going on for many many years. From the information I have found, the choir was started by Mrs. Morningstar in 1995 under the direction of Simon Pothier and the evolved in the 55+ Golden Airs with the addition of Judy Frigon and then in 2013, I was asked to lead the choir after Simon and Judy retired. Image – 27 years!!!!! “The Golden Airs” have spread the joy of music at many events They sang at many club events “Chateauguay Canada Day” . They have been an inspiration and uplifting group of men and women, providing enthusiastic singing for Senior homes and Hospitals and have encouraged people to clap, sing, dance, and use percussion shakers – all in all to sing and have some fun. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time and COVID the group numbers has diminished. To the point that we made the decision to disband. Perhaps, one day in the future an interest in starting a “NEW” choir will be requested.

It has been my pleasure to share music, laughter and of course meeting new friends was just a real bonus Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of leading this group of wonderful people. To the all the choir members that have gone on before and the present members, I say a huge thank you for your support, weekly dedication and musical hearts that kept the “Golden Airs” alive for so many years.

On behalf of the Golden Airs leaders past and present

Yours sincerely

Doreen Gilbert

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