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Greetings everyone and welcome to a new season at the 55+ Centre! Unfortunately, we are still working through a new wave of Covid-19 but we will continue to follow government protocols as they are updated and we will continue to keep the membership informed through our media sites.

On another note, I presented to the Board a two year plan of improvements to the Centre which was voted on and accepted by the Board. In my promise to maintain transparency to the membership, I am informing you of what we have done or will be doing at the Centre:

  1. We have created a new interactive website which will be rolled out in September or October. This will be a private website for our members only.

  2. You will notice a large screen television above the entrance to our hall which will randomly display pictures of many of our events and activities. We will also display local businesses who sponsor our Centre.

  3. Also, the offices have been equipped with refurbished computers that the Board approved last December 2021 to update the administrative needs of the Centre.

  4. We purchased a surplus conference room table for the library as well as a chair for our secretary and a display in the lobby for our Travel Bureau. All at a very minimal expense to the Centre.

  5. We are in the process of putting together an ad-hoc committee to review and update the Bylaws of the Centre.

Other upgrades coming down the road will be a debit card system for payment processing alongside our regular cash and cheque payments. We are also working with City technicians on upgrading our lighting and sound systems. All expenses for these upgrades are being covered by a grant we applied for from the Federal government through Brenda Shanahan’s office. We will keep you updated as we make further improvements and updates at the Centre. I would also ask members who may have suggestions, comments or criticisms to please contact me directly. Thank you and enjoy the coming season!

Garth Phillipowsky

President 55+ Centre


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