Our Holiday Craft Fair - what a success!!!!


I was very thankful for all the kind words I received this weekend after the great success we had at our Holiday Craft Fair and Luncheon and without all our marvelous volunteers, none of this would have been possible and so I set down and started to think of all those involved in helping to put this event together. Here is what it takes…crafters, bakers, chefs and sous chefs, servers, table setters, hall cleaners, kitchen cleaners, table and chair installers, linen management, event flyer, poster and ticket production, social media and website strategists, decorators, raffle ticket sellers, event ticket sellers, telephone committee’s, Event master of ceremonies and handymen are to name a few and that’s why we need you and you are greatly appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Debbie Purtell, Director of Fundraising

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